Proposed Teen Area in Stanley Area (Wakefield)

The young people from the YDSS Friday Club youth centre based at Cross keys are working alongside the Friends of A. W. Stanley Park and many more people from local businesses, and other agencies and organisations to develop a teen area within their community. The Teen Area is still in the proposal stage but we are looking for the young people that have worked together to come up with a number of ideas and suggestions to what they would like in this area. A couple of skate board ramps / landscaping to create slopes, seating with some shelter ( the street lights will provide lighting) and possibly if funds allow, a large swing / climbing frame that lots of people can use together. 

We would like, as far as possible,  to theme the area with the history and landscape of Stanley.  For example, the proposed site  is opposite Stanley Marsh which is the site of an old pit so we would hope to be able incorporate that into the design and materials used.  The kids had some very interesting ideas and said they thought the local secondary school (where most of them go) would be keen to be involved in designing the area.

 The local young people are very keen to start fund raising for the project but we have asked them to wait until we know if the land is available.  We have a Co-op in the village and they have been very helpful in supporting other local projects through their grant scheme so we would apply to them and for other grants.

Re consultations;  we held a community meeting and got lots of feed back about the importance of having an area in the village but haven’t carried out a specific consultation with the private houses near by the proposed site.   We have spoken to the local businesses around the site.  The local young people will be happy to deliver any forms, they want to do anything that will assist us getting the area with the support of the Friday Club.  




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