Stripes – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender*


Stripes (formally Fruitbowl) is a young people’s group for age 13-19.  It is an LGBTQ* group that meets in Wakefield 1 night a week.

Wakefield Council’s Youth Work Team are now able to offer dedicated phone support for professionals who may have questions about LGBTQ* and the young people on their caseload or in schools.

By ringing this number you will also be able to refer young people to Stripes our LGBTQ* Social and Support Group.

Young people can also ring and receive information or self-refer to the Stripes group.

A Stripes Worker will meet all young people before they attend the group.

You can ask for a return phone call by ringing 01924 302665, by emailing or messaging through our Facebook page “wfyouthofficial”.

This is a confidential service.

Phone Line Support – Tel: 01924 302665

The Stripes Phone Line is staffed every Wednesday 10:00am-1:00pm

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