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About Wakefield UK Youth Parliament

The Wakefield district (for the purposes of the UKYP elections) is split into 2 constituencies – East and West.

This means that two candidates are elected for each of the areas, 1 Member of Youth Parliament and 1 Deputy Member of Youth Parliament.

Elections in Wakefield are held every 2 years.

All eligible students (aged 11 – 18) within schools in the district are given the right to vote for the person they want to represent them in their district.  A formal ballot takes place with an official vote count.  The results of the vote count are announced at a celebration event to which family members, local MPs and VIPs are invited.

In 2012 for the first time the term for MYPs/DMYPs was increased to 2 years – this was to give the members of Youth Parliament in Wakefield a more fulfilling experience and the opportunity to achieve their goals and promises they gave in their manifestos.

All members who are elected are fully supported by a team of Youth Workers from Wakefield Council’s Youth Work Team. Youth Workers support, encourage and arrange attendance at regional and national meetings/sittings including visits to the House of Commons.

What are we doing?

To keep up to date with the work of the current elected UKYP members please click here.

Contact Details

For Further information about UK Youth Parliament visit the UKYP website and if you are interested in what we are doing at Wakefield Youth Parliament and want to know more, please email or contact us on 01924 302665

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