Abi Elizabeth Irene Tandy

Hi I’m Abi Tandy and I’m running for another term as a Member of UK Youth Parliament in the Wakefield district.

Why would I be the best for this job?

As I’ve spent the past 2 years in youth parliament, I know how to make changes and show passion in my campaigns.

There are 3 major things that I will base my work on in the future:-

1. Transport in Wakefield specifically as it needs to be more accessible and cheap for us to travel.

2. Mental health because I know it’s a big issue that isn’t talked about enough.

3. I want to protect people from hate whether that be due to their disability, race, religion, political opinions or sexuality.

Because after all, this world is for us all and we deserve to have a voice and if you vote me I’ll help that voice to be heard.

Thank you.






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