Abigail Elizabeth Irene Tandy

Hola! bonjour! guten tag! and hello.

I’m Abigail and I’m a candidate for this year’s Youth Parliament.  I am standing as a candidate so I can express how I feel about the issues faced by the youth of today.

I’ll listen to any issues you may have in your local and/or regional area.  There are 2 main issues I would like to address.  One of them being the price of school uniforms and bus fares for the youths of today, as if it is needed all parties should be considered and provided for.

I’m best for this job because I listen well and can speak in many languages to people from lots of different backgrounds.  I also have experience because I was previously a reading embassador and a member of a group dedicated to making the world more sustainable.

Please vote for me and remember – get YOUR voice heard and make a better world.


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