Alexander James Parkinson

Hi I’m Alex Parkinson and I’m standing for UK Youth Parliament for Wakefield West area.

I’d like to stand for as a member of young parliament to get my views and opinions about the Government and politics and help the country become a better place.

My main topics are on anti-social behaviour and bullying but I would help on other issues such as bus fares as they extremely over-priced. Last year more than 16,000 students were absent from school due to bullying and 1.5 million young people were bullied. 145,800 of them were bullied every day! These numbers are overwhelming and need to reduce.  Teachers could do so much more to help or have places in school to go and just talk to a trusted member of staff and have a safe space when talking to them. This is so you don’t feel alone as you can feel very alone when you are getting bullied.

I want to change these figures and help children and teenagers who are in need of help or just a friendly face to talk to. I think employing an extra staff member in a school specifically just to talk to when you’re in need. The Government have made funding cuts to education so schools can’t now employ extra workers.

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