Aneesah Hanif

Hi my name is Aneesah and I’m 13 years old and will be standing for the Wakefield West in the UK Youth Parliament elections.

The reason why I am putting myself forward is because I have already had experience with school and now I want to become independent and become a member outside of school.

As a candidate I will speak to the relevant people about the school syllabus which getting more difficult for pupils and if it’s going to stay like this I think that from year 3 onwards students should be offered extra “boosting” sessions which will help them be prepared to move into High School.

Schools should make the syllabus easier and simple which will prevent students getting stressed and anxious.

Now you must be wondering what I am going to change outside of school well I think they should let young people at 16 have a vote. If they are allowed to work then they should be able to vote.  It would be quite good to see what young adults have to say.

I hope you vote for me as I will try and change more things and will let you have a voice.

Thank you for listing and I hope you vote for me.

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