Daniel Alexander Peacock

Hi I’m Daniel Peacock – let me tell you about why I’d fit the role as your UK Youth Parliament member.

So, what do I want to do for you?

Firstly, let’s get young people out of the house by making days out cheaper and easier for you.  Whether that’s go karting, laser tag or just being outdoors in general – let’s give young people more opportunities than being cooped up at home.

Moving on from that, there’s a critical problem facing us – and that’s mental health.  Counselling services are being stripped from schools and colleges and young people are being left with lacklustre replacements (the overstretched CAMS network as an example) with people waiting years to be seen.

Let’s aim to provide a good system for young people to use when times are tough and provide teachers with more psychological training to deal with stressful circumstances, whatever they may be.

On top of that, let’s strive to create a network that supports people in teenage pregnancies and starting a family in general.  This will allow young people to be more informed and reduce the role of things like poverty cycle in a new child’s life.  The more work we do now, the more we try to lift that burden, the easier it will be for the child and us as parents in the years to come.

This change doesn’t come on it’s own – elect someone with the clarity and the confidence to deliver it. Make that choice.  Vote for me.

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