Daniel Britton

My name is Daniel Britton and I am standing to be a member of Youth Parliament in Wakefield West. This means that I would put forward your views and give you a say in what matters and affects young people.

I would first aim to address issues around public transport in the area involving fares and accessibility. I would like to meet with head of transport companies in the Wakefield district to improve the services for everyone.

I believe that I can make a positive change for the young people of Wakefield in improving transport and making it more accessible for everyone.

My second aim would be to build a greater understanding and awareness of LGTBQ+ young people in the district. I would aim to build diversity throughout the area by developing more accessibility of information based around the issue to allow a better understanding of the issues and discrimination that LGBTQ+ young people have to face.

I will tackle these issues to the best of my ability if given the opportunity of becoming the Member of Youth Parliament for your area. I have experience as a Member of Youth Parliament therefore I can further build my skills in campaigning if given this opportunity.

I am dedicated, passionate, determined and committed to giving young people a voice and this is why I believe that I should be the Member of Youth Parliament for Wakefield East.

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