Daniel Joseph Britton

My name is Daniel Britton and I am standing as a member of the UK Youth Parliament.   I want to represent the youth of today and make their voices heard.

I believe that everyone should have a say in what they want to happen.

Firstly, as a member of the UK Youth Parliament, I would aim to develop more leisure facilities in the eastern villages of Wakefield for young people.  They need facilities such as pools, youth clubs, cinemas, skate parks etc. on their door step.

My second aim would be to lower transport costs.  At the weekend young people want to go to town or areas such as Xscape. Prices are too high to travel to leisure facilities outside villages.  I would aim to reduce transport costs.

Do you love shopping?

Is it fair to get 10% off high street stores only after 16?

If you vote for me I will campaign for a discount card for ALL school children.

So if you want:-

  • More leisure facilities
  • Cheaper transport
  • A discount for all students

Then vote for ME.

I am confident, determined, committed and passionate about giving young people a better life.

I’ll make the adults listen, vote for Daniel Britton!


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