Ellanna May Duncan

My name is Ellanna Duncan, I am 12 years old and I am running for Youth Parliament.  I have lots of ideas that I believe can improve the Wakefield area for young people.

One of my key ideas is I would like to improve the bus services for young people especially to and from high school.  I would like to make the journeys safer and more enjoyable aiming to ensure there is a seat for everyone.

Whether we are paying for our ticket or not, we deserve to feel safe and comfortable throughout the journey.

I am dedicated to this role as a member of Youth Parliament.  I am a good listener, friendly and very understanding.  I have already carried out a fact finding exercise with a group of friends, as I am keen to listen to their opinions on their community and school.

I want to be able to take forward your concerns and ways to improve your local area.

Vote for me to speak on your behalf.


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