Family Home Education Ideas

We have come across a number of forums who are providing tips and ideas to keep your children busy whilst they are at home.

The document below provides some tips for parents on how to tackle the issues we are currently facing.

Keeping Calm and Providing Supportive Parenting During the Coronavirus

Children’s Guide to Coronavirus

The Government’s website has produced some webpages containing lots of links to home education resources – visit it HERE

The following websites and Facebook pages may help you provide some activities and education ideas for your child whilst at home.

Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests –

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons –

For your older kids, here are 50 free revision resources for age 11+, GCSEs and

Online resource for students age 15-18Maths, Physics, History, Medicine, Shakespeare and

50 fun chemistry experiments

28 days of activities for kids (+free printables).  Born to be Adventurous –

Bedtime stories for kids –

Website for any young person aged 14-24 who are looking for something productive to do whilst at home, alongside building their life skills – includes career quizzes and CV exercises –

FREE Activity

Fun Sensory Play

Open University free

Keeping Teenagers Busy – Emma and 3 –

5 Minute Crafts –

Learn to play the Ukulele

Guitar/ukulele resources sessions –

Maths worksheets –

Create a Time CapsuleTime-Capsule

Zoo Live Stream – Live Stream

Garden Olympics/Physical ActivitiesClick Here

Performing Arts education for young people –

This list is just to get you started.  We are sure if you Google home schooling there will be lots more out there.  We would be interested to hear if you find something really great – email us via Contact Us or Email: and we will add it to this list.  Thank you 🙂Time-Capsule

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