Go Higher West Yorkshire

Who we are and what we do:

Go Higher West Yorkshire is a partnership of universities and colleges in West Yorkshire and runs the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) for the region. The programme is designed to help young people reach their full potential and find out more about what universities and colleges can offer. Under NCOP, we work with young people in school years 9-13 who live in areas across West Yorkshire where not many young people go on to study a higher level qualification (such as HNC, HND or degree) at university or college.

We work closely with schools, colleges, employers and community groups to deliver inspirational and informative activities and events such as mentoring, summer schools, university and college open days, careers information, work experience projects, and much more to help young people make choices about their next step. As well as working with young people, we also work with parents and carers to provide information about your options for work and study after you leave school or college. We have developed an information booklet aimed directly at parents and carers, which is on our website: http://www.gohigherwestyorks.ac.uk/parentsandcarers/

As of November 2018 we have worked with over 22,000 young people and delivered activity in over 40 schools/colleges. We have also involved over 200 teachers, careers advisors and other professionals in CPD activities such as “understanding clearing” or “routes and options into Higher Education”, including a Train the Trainer programme so those trained can up skill their colleagues.

Visit our :

  • BLOG for more information about our activities and how we support young people across West Yorkshire
  • EVENT PAGE to find out more about the events we are delivering in West Yorkshire
  • RESOURCE PAGE for a wide range of resources to help support young people into university/college. Our resources include; interactive activities and Power Points to raise awareness and develop knowledge of apprenticeships, study skills, budgeting/student finance and university life and support.

Contact us

For further information about our organisation and work please contact our central office email address: hello@gohigherwestyorks.ac.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GoHigherWY

Twitter: www.twitter.com/GoHigherWY

Instagram: www.instagram.com/gohigherwestyorks

Website: http://www.gohigherwestyorks.ac.uk/




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