Ibrahim Aziz

Hello, my name is Ibrahim Aziz and I am standing as a candidate for the Youth Parliament elections in Wakefield.  You’ve heard or will hear many manifestos, promising the Earth, but hollow in substance.  So why is my manifesto different?  Because it is genuine, realistic and true to a values based politics.

I want to represent the youth in an inclusive manner, giving the youth the much deserved voice, allowing me to serve them in dealing with their real life obstacles, using the power of the social media platforms like WhatsApp.

Without stating the obvious our biggest challenge today is to fill the political void, the youth, how to engage, but most importantly demonstrate how valuable their input is and how it can help the community at large.

Now that I’ve stated by aims, what characteristics do I posses that makes me suitable for the job.  Well I’m like a dog with a bone, my tenacity means that I won’t give up at first hurdle.  I will persevere and do what I can to achieve our goals.  I am a good listener, I will always take everyone’s opinion and come to a sound decision.

I am decisive and would explain the route to my decisions.  I will call a spade a spade, genuine honesty is sometimes lacking in today’s political circles, but this will always be a corner stone in my political ideology.  So thank you for listening and vote for Ibrahim in the upcoming Youth Parliament elections.


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