James Mitchell Klaassen-White

I form this manifesto so the youth of Wakefield can understand my position on the treatment of young people and the overall effect it has on our relations with our community. We are categorised by a few people in our age range that ruin our reputation. This effects how we stand with the police, the council and everyday people. I stand to support our generation and rebuild our reputation in the community. I will stand for your issues on a local, regional and national level. I plan to make our voices heard more and ensure that we are supported throughout our childhood.

By having a simple 10 point plan, I can achieve many of my goals over the 2 years, I will be elected for. However if you have any ideas you wish to add, just go to my website which is listen in the contact session at the end.

My Ideas

  • I will propose to the Government that they redo the free bus travel to allow everyone in full or part time education to be able to get to school and college for free.
  • I will propose to the local councils that many parks are rebuilt to accommodate everyone’s needs from birth to 18.
  • I will propose that the minimum wage be raised to accommodate our expenses.
  • I will propose that the police are more socially active, engaging with our age range in a more relaxed and friendly environment.
  • I will propose that the local council allows free access to the leisure facilities such as council ran swimming pools, fitness centres, etc.
  • I will propose that the local council increases spending in our libraries to improve our educational needs.
  • I will propose that the local council allows free meals to everyone in primary, secondary and higher education.
  • I will engage with the young people of Wakefield to accommodate their needs.
  • I will propose that local Members of Parliament meet with the young people in their area at least once a quarter to discuss issues relevant to the young people.
  • I will propose that the local council takes a more proactive approach in events that should be held more often.

On top of the ideas listed above, I will visit schools, colleges and communities and hold meetings where the youth can come and ask me questions, propose new ideas – at least once a month. I will also hold a monthly meeting where all age ranges can attend to ask myself questions, ask each other questions and be able to discuss important issues.


James-Mitchell Klaassen-White



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