Joseph Arthur Kenneth Horner

Hello my name is Joseph Horner. I am running for UK Youth Parliament because I believe there are issues facing our generation that previous generations did not face and they are not being addressed appropriately either within our area or nationally.

One of the most pressing concerns I see around me is negative body image, where young people feel pressured into conforming to unrealistic body stereotypes set by the media.

Refusing to “fit in” can lead to social rejection by your peers.  On a more serious level peer rejection can lead to severe mental and physical health issues such as anxiety, depression or anorexia.

I would like to address this issue by appealing to parliament to ban the photoshopping of images in adverts directed at youth markets. This one action would significantly reduce the quantity of unrealistic body stereotypes bombarding young people.

Why should you vote for me? I am persistent and I will not rest until our generation’s views and opinions are brought into the public eye. I have prior experience at speaking up, not only am I a form representative, I am also part of a school group dedicated to improving student life.

Thank you for listening and “Vote Joseph!”.

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