Joshua Kieran Batty

My name is Joshua and I am currently 13, I think we need a change for youth.

We want our voice to be heard and be able to vote.  We don’t just want adults to be in charge of who our Prime Minister is, as it affects us to.  We want to make a difference and get young people into politics.

We also want to be treated differently to each, we’re all teenagers but not the same.  If an adult is bad we don’t great everyone else how we would treat them.  We more respect than given to us and we want respect and praise when we do good things.

Finally we want to make our own choices.  Our lives can’t be controlled forever, you need to let’s us has freedom otherwise what is the point of being around?

If you think I have a point or two please vote for me so we can make a better future for us, and the future generations.

Thank You






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