Kayleigh Haywood began speaking to Luke Harlow, a man she had never met, on 31 October 2015.

With the support of Kayleigh’s family, Leicestershire Police has made a film about aspects of the last two weeks of her life. Kayleigh’s Love Story is as a warning to young people, both girls and boys, about the dangers of speaking to people they don’t know online.

It’s vital that young people understand the importance of staying safe online and parents can spot the signs that may indicate their child is being groomed.

Wakefield Councils Youth Work Team will be supporting young people to access this video in all aspects of their work and will be undertaking activities around this to educate young people.

DISCLAIMER – If this video were to be shown in a cinema it would be rated a certificate 15.

To see the full video CLICK HERE

If you are having conversations online or through chat forums which may be causing you concern or you are worried about a friend/family member then contact:

Home - Route 1, version 1



Or visit www.ceop.police.uk to make an online report.

If you are in immediate danger please contact the police on 999




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