Let’s Stay In Touch

We know that our groups are very important to some young people and it’s their only communication with a professional and other young people of their age outside of school.

We don’t want you to feel isolated so PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH.

You can contact us by:-

Email – youthwork@wakefield.gov.uk

Telephone – 01924 302665

Facebook comments and messages – www.facebook.com/wfyouthofficial

Instagram messages – www.instagram.com/wakefieldyouthworkteam

Live Chat on our website – www.wfyouth.co.uk

We are currently looking at other ways to stay in touch such as Instagram Live sessions, WhatsApp groups etc.

If you have any suggestions how we can contact a group of you all at the same time then please let me know by sending me a message!

Thank you Joanne (The social media bod!)

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