Luke Sewell

Hello my name is Luke Sewell and I am standing as a candidate for the UK Youth Parliament in the West area. I believe that every young person has a voice, and it is my job to defend and represent that voice wherever I can. To start, we must look after our voices before we use them. Mouths run dry because of the fall of drinking fountains. Deemed unhealthy, they were cut off and removed. I will try bring these fountains back- saving money on plastic bottles and quenching thirst across Wakefield. But another thing is irritating the throats of young people- electronic cigarettes.

Vaporizers – just like cigarettes in the early 20th century- are considered a healthier alternative to their older counterpart. As e-liquid shops carelessly take advantage of the new craze by selling them to people as young as 13 to make a quick sale, new studies link vaping to lung vulnerabilities. In a world where antibiotic use is on the verge of creating a super-virus, should we allow lawless shops to distribute what is essentially a pneumonia crisis to happen?

Finally, teenage pregnancy is still an issue in Britain. An average of around 20 teenage births for every 100000 women is considered better then other countries- but the UK has the highest amount of teenage pregnancies in Europe. To address this, free contraception should be given to young people. Although available, some feel too embarrassed to see their practitioner. Easy steps can be taken to ensure unwanted pregnancies don’t happen such as a mailing service.

Thank you for listening to my ideas ad i will try to implement them with you.

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