Maddison Lili Mae Foreman

Hello everyone, my name is Maddison Foreman and I am running as a candidate for the UK Youth Parliament for the east side of Wakefield.  I have thought hard about my manifesto and the 2 things I would like to fight for is local youth clubs for children in the community and NHS treatment for under 16’s.

I’d like to get a youth club set up in the local community because if kids don’t have anything to do they cause trouble and in a way it’s better than vandalising the community because who wants to see their community covered in graffiti, I know I don’t.

Secondly I strongly believe that children should be treated the same as adults for NHS treatment. Recently I have had to travel to Sheffield for treatment because Pontefract Hospital’s Pain Clinic won’t treat under 16’s. Children travel from many of the surrounding areas just to have treatment.

I really want to get things sorted for those who are under 16 and can’t vote, so please vote for me as I will voice your opinions.

Thank you for listening.



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