Make Your Mark Ballot Results


MAKE YOUR MARK – The UK Youth Parliament’s annual ballot of the public youth voice to have their say on what is debated by their MYPs in the House of Commons on the 15th of November

Wow and fantastic work to all those who took part in the Make your mark Ballot this Year. Wakefield had 6048 ballot forms returned which is over double the return from last year

The results are
Make Your Mark Ballot Results

Everyone should be paid at least the Living Wage of £7.67 per hour (£8.80 in London) 1594 Votes 1st Position

Bring back exam results in Maths and English, in English schools 863 votes 2nd Position

Work Experience 738 Votes 3rd Position

Euthanasia 650 Votes 4th Position

Mental health 506 Votes 5th Position

A curriculum to prepare us for life 493 Votes 6th Position

Votes at 16 453 Votes 7th position

Give young People a voice in improving their communities 252 Votes 8th Position

Young People should be directly involved in making laws 254 Votes 9th Position

Fund our youth services don’t cut them 245 Votes 10th Position

Total Votes 6048
So well done to everone who voted. Next we will find out what the top 5 are for the Yorkshire & Humberside Region and these will be put into the national total to see what issues will be debated at the House of Commons by the young people on the 14th November.

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