Matthew Ernest Roe

Hello, my name is Matthew Roe and I am standing as candidate for member of Youth Parliament for the Wakefield West area.

I believe that there is a chronic lack of life skills being taught in our schools. Many young people may leave school or college with no proper knowledge of the frameworks of and the way life is lived in our country; no knowledge of the things that they will really need to use in the rest of their lives. This includes things like budgeting, cooking, domestic work, opening bank accounts and applying for jobs. I am not saying that we should have a complete and utter revamp of the school curriculum, as this is a very far fetched idea, I just believe that in our schools and colleges, through the medium of assemblies and lessons, both those delivered in PSHE lessons or other lessons, important skills and knowledge essential for life should be taught. To achieve these objectives, I would speak with headteachers from around the district and also councillors.

My second campaign point is the lack of respect for and tolerance of those of other faiths and ethnicities and also those who have disabilities or illnesses. This should be eradicated among young people. These people deserve to enjoy being treated equally and with respect just like any other perceived normal person. Does it matter whether someone has a disability, has autism or epilepsy or cancer, or is Asian, or is Muslim or Christian? To change this, I would create a charter of respect, similar to the anti-bullying charter created by the current MYPs.

If I became MYP, I would strive to do everything possible to support and help the interests of young people. I would support greater mental health provision in all schools and also outside of school; votes at 16; greater police presence on the streets, and more. Thank you for your time and consideration, please vote for me.


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