Raise The National Minimum Living Wage



Councillor Olivia Rowley Met with UKYP Simran to discuss and pledge to the national minimum wage to be raised in line with the living wage, as calculated by the centre for research in social policy, in order to guarantee workers the decent standard of living they deserve”. On November 14th 2014, Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) debated and voted potential priority campaigns in the House of Commons; they chose the Living Wage as their priority campaign for the upcoming year.
Living Wage is defined as an independently set hourly rate, calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. It is currently set at £7.85 nationally and at £9.15 for London. It is different from the national minimum wage, which is the minimum pay per hour which almost all workers are entitled to. Currently in the UK 5.2 Million people (22% of the Workforce)i are paid less than the Living Wage.
Through the Raise the Wage Campaign, UK Youth Parliament will be asking all Local Councils to become Living Wage employers and to ensure that all their contractors are the same. They will also ask Local Councils to promote the campaign to local businesses and will be asking MPs to support the campaign.

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