Targeted Youth Support

Targeted Youth Support (TYS)

Aim of the Teams

The YDSS has two Targeted Youth Support Teams providing a service across the district. Services are provided by the Council in partnership with Crime Reduction Initiative and Action for Children.

Targeted Youth Support (TYS) try to identify young people aged 8 to 19 (and up to 25 for young people with additional needs), who need help at difficult times in their life. They organise support with the help of different local and Council services.

Young people may be referred to TYS who have difficulty with:

  • Getting into trouble with the Police or Anti Social Behaviour Unit
  • Misusing drugs or alcohol
  • Parents who are misusing drugs or alcohol
  • Getting into trouble or missing school
  • Not in school, college, work or training
  • Teenage pregnancy or
  • Homelessness

Anyone can make a referral to TYS. All work with children, young people and families is voluntary. Building effective and trusting relationships is central to all work in the team. Each team has a programme of work that is just for their local area and designed to meet the needs of local young people.

The teams:

  • Support young people and meet with other local and Council services
  • Assess young people whose behaviour has been identified by Police
  • Help young people having problems with emotional wellbeing/sexual health/substance      misuse
  • Help young people get back into education, training and work. To set goals and      give advice to support access to education, training and work opportunities.
  • Joint work with TYS commissioned services

You can contact TYS on 01977 723165 or 01924 303600

Wakefield Council Youth Work Team is a subsidiary of WMDC Children and Young People's Directorate (c) Wakefield Council 2013