The Youth Work Team are stepping up their street-based presence!

Wakefield Council Youth Work team are stepping up their street-based youth work presence across the district. Detached Youth Work offers young people access to professional youth workers in the areas where young people choose to gather. These youth workers are able to offer support around many issues which affect young people that may result in them not achieving their full potential.

The team have developed a referral form which, when completed allows for the team to allocate youth workers to where there is a need. These forms and online requests can be completed by individuals, communities and agencies including the Police and Health. More importantly YOUNG PEOPLE can also request youth workers to visit them. This may lead to an increased awareness of the local offer of activities, support around issues which they are experiencing as a group or an individual and in turn may provide the help that young people are looking for. When established, these relationships with professional youth workers on the streets and in parks may lead to worthwhile projects planned by young people for young people. All council youth workers carry identification badges.

If you would like to know more or get involved as an adult volunteer or young person please ring 01977 722815, visit , like our facebook page or email


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