Youth workers are on the streets of Castleford from 5pm – 9pm every Friday night

Working with the Neighbourhood Policing team they are here to provide support and plan activities at the HUT or other places across the district.

If you would like the team to meet with you and your group please watch out for our Positive Choices posts on our Facebook and comment where you are on

6:30pm – 9:00pm at the HUT, Airedale (50p entry) £1 bowling

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Funded by Baroness Newlove, this two year project has youth workers and the Police working together on the streets of Castleford. Meeting with young people in various places and working with them to offer activities at the Hut. The project is particularly looking at young people at risk of  alcohol use and related anti-social behavior.

Youth work volunteers are out on the streets of Castleford 5pm – 8pm, visiting “hot spot areas” areas which have been reported as having young people regularly gathering. It is a misconception that all young people are drinking and engaging in anti-social behaviour. However their are a lack of affordable opportunities to socialise with peers, get support and participate in positive activities. This project also provides transport to the HUT for young people to roller skate, bowl and play on the XBOX  or watch a film all for 50p (bowling £1) 6:30pm – 9pm. Young people can also learn to be radio presenters and help out with the regular young people’s show 7pm – 9pm on Friday nights. The project also works with the Terrance Higgins Trust. This partnership offers sexual health screening and support.


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