Alex Pennington

Hello, I’m Alex Pennington.  I’m a Year 8 student.  My manifesto is about the new style GSCE exams.  This is a big issue that many pupils are worried about.

The Government plan to change GCSEs so that it is harder to get a grade C.  They say they want our pupils to compete with the best in the world but some pupils won’t be able to do as well under the new system.  Exams will take place at the end of courses only and pupils won’t be able to re-sit modules, just whole exams.  Some pupils just can’t work in this way and won’t do their best.  This is unfair, judging years of effort on one exam, on one day.

From September 2015 GCSEs in English, Maths and some sciences, history and geography will change, followed by other subjects later.  Teachers and pupils might struggle with different types of GCSE.  Even the marking will change with reports of a change from grades A* to G to numbers 1 to 9.  that means pupils won’t be able to compare their results with other pupils from other years.

Finally, with other countries becoming more appealing for young people looking for employment, it should be easier to find equivalent qualifications from foreign countries.  I believe the Government should negotiate a European final exam to save time and money wasted on finding equivalents for European students.  This, should it be accepted, could benefit you hugely through your education and whole working life.

Vote for me and ensure that your views are put to the decision makers in our country.

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