Amirah Iqbal

Hello everybody!! My name is Amirah Iqbal. I am going to tell you why you should vote for me to become a member of the Youth Parliament.

I think that you should vote for me because…

I am very organised and confident; you can always rely on me with all your concerns that need to be thought about.

If you vote for me I will promise you that I will try to stop bullying. I will raise the awareness that bullying is not welcome in our community. I will make people realise that bullying is wrong. I will make them realise that bullying is something that you wouldn’t want to happen to you because I have been bullied before and it is very upsetting.

If you tell me any of your concerns I would deliver your problem, immediately to everyone in the meeting. We will try and solve your problems and keep you updated about what has happened. We will make sure you don’t have any more concerns.
But that is not just it…

You can also tell me something that needs to improve and be better so that we can think about that as well (e.g. parks need to be safer; litter needs to be forbidden anywhere etc.)


Thank You

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