Beth Alice Stack

I am very committed to playing my part in making Wakefield a great place to live. My manifesto is a promise to work with young people to raise awareness of issues that can lead to discrimination, such as race, disadvantage or disability.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion on these issues but opinions can be based on a lack of information, misunderstanding or ignorance. I want to ensure young people have access to the information they need. I also want to work to support these sometimes vulnerable groups, by helping them to have more opportunities.

I feel passionate about this and am driven to work extremely hard to do the job well and really make a difference. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of a local project where disadvantaged young people were involved in an art programme which gave them responsibility and confidence. They could prove their worth and feel success when things seem against them. Experiences like this can really change you.

If one more person feels confident to be who they really are or go for success, then my work will have been worthwhile.

My name is Beth Stack, please vote for me.

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