Chloe Allen

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am running for the UKYP for the south of Wakefield area. There are a few main issues that I and many others feel passionate about, not just issues locally but nationwide too. One of my main issues is the recent change to the GCSE system, I don’t feel what they are doing is right and that some changes should be made.

I hope to improve this by raising the issue with other schools to get their opinions on it, and then hopefully progress to raising it with local MP’s.

Another issue I hope to represent is the issue of university tuitions, as you may already know it’s very expensive for students to proceed on to university to better themselves with a higher education. £9,000 a year is costly, especially if your course is 3 or 4 years long. Living a student life is hard and thinking about the debt you’re in doesn’t help.

My next issue is local but is one that can affect other areas. At my school we are trying to lower the bus fares for students crossing the borders. Not only is there an issue with busses there is an issue with bus drivers as well. Some can have a bad attitude towards teenagers and the general public. I believe this needs to change, and I hope to make this possible.

I believe I would make a good member of the youth parliament as I am a very confident person and I am not afraid to speak my mind when it comes to issues I am passionate about. I am dedicated and determined to fight issues that affect young people not just locally but nationwide too.

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