Georgia Daskalaki

Hi, I’m Georgia and I’m 14 years old. It’s my aim that we can change society’s views on teenagers and young people. As a member of youth parliament I will fight for our views, causes and hopes. I promise to help the community by standing on behalf of you and your school. I will try my best to promote youth clubs and activities which will help youths and teenagers become more confident and meet new people from around your community.

Another point I would like to put across is the age of GCSE’s. I would like the government to reconsider the age for choosing and taking GCSE’s. I think that 15-16 years of age is way too young… Especially now that they have changed the age of leaving to 18.

13-14 years of age is definitely too young to choose your future, bring the options up to 16 and GCSE ‘s to 18. This will allow you to prepare more and have more knowledge of your future.

If you want to make a difference to your future then vote for me! Thanks for listening!

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