Maia Elise Parkin

Hello, my name is Maia Parkin, I’m twelve years old and I want to do what is best for you!

What are the issues affecting you?

I believe that there are many changes that could be made to improve the lives of young people in Wakefield. For example, local buses and trains are very expensive, so I think that there should be cheaper fares for young people, especially when it’s the only way for someone to get to school! Also, travelling on buses would be safer for young people if double-decker buses are used at busier times, so that there are more seats available.

Getting to and from schools would be safer for us if the speed limits around schools were lowered to 20mph, with more safe places to cross.

As a youth parliament candidate, you can be assured that I am passionate about what I stand for and I will follow my beliefs without hesitation. And, I want hear about what you think needs improving so that, I can make a difference for us all.

Thank you for listening to my manifesto and I hope you follow me.

My name is Maia Parkin and I want to do what it best for you!

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