Samuel Wilkinson

Sam Wilkinson – Manifesto for Youth Parliament 2014


Hi, my name is Sam and I have a multitude of ideas and skills for the UKYP. I have three main points I am standing for, each of which are shared throughout my School and peers and some of which are already being taken into action. I wish to be a member to start new work and also expand upon my currently work and evolve my current campaigns and projects through the youth parliament and other communities.

The first item is a response to the recent exam changes by Michael Gove and the education Secretary, which I am perusing with a petition which I intend to, take nation-wide. It involves stopping these radical and surprising changes in the future and bringing exams to stabilised and stop becoming harder with every New Year.

Secondly, a more internal action point is public transport (buses) issues including services, cross-boundary fairs and on bus conditions which in my area are becoming a larger concern which affects a lot of students and are becoming a larger danger as well with several incidents which I believe should be addressed with a response. Again, I am already perusing this but it requires extra progress and the Youth Parliament to spread it over various other districts and make people more aware.

Finally, I want to work on intertwining Schools and students with local communities, including work experience and activities to add to C.V’s, two important matters which students are becoming more aware of and wanting to address. This will also help reduce negative stereotypes in society which shows a lot of young people to be a negative influence on people in a community.

These 3 items are widely looked upon by fellow students as items for change and I personally feel they will bring out very positive results that affect us both inside and outside of school and education.

I think I have the skills and capability to be and effective Youth Parliament Member, working both hard and creatively. I can work well as an individual but can also manage a team and be a valuable team member, able to make important decisions under pressure. I enjoy extra work and am always willing to go the extra mile to complete tasks to a highly professional standard. Giving me this opportunity is highly important and valuable to me as I have a number of goals and aims I cannot complete without you.

Please vote for me and I will make a change and don’t forget, Your Vote is Your Choice !

Thank you

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