Sana Zainab Haider

HI, I’m Sana, 12 years old and it’s my aim to help the society’s views on young people today. As a youth parliament member I will help you with your troubles and wishes for you to have a better future.

I want for adults to see, the youth of Wakefield, as mature and sensible young people, and not irresponsible and misbehaved of which a small amount of communities are known for.

To help our community, I promise to deliver these messages:

Promote youth clubs for there to be more activities to do and less time for anti-social behaviour. I will inform the council about hosting act

Activities for areas where anti-social behaviour is high and where fun isn’t a big involvement.

I am aiming to stop racism and bullying because it’s a big problem across different cultures of Wakefield. To bring different cultures together I will organise festivals so that we can understand each other’s cultures. I will also give out leaflets to show how bullying and racism has affected people and the consequences that have come out of it; as well as holding discussion in schools and publicity.

I understand transport and the cost of it is a big issue and I will put a lot of effort into this promise by giving either a lower discount or for free to use public transport for going to school or college on a daily basis.

Education is an important role in life and I think in recent years it’s been lacking down a lot. So I will help you get the education you want that is fun, exciting and something that intrigues you into learning. It’s understandable when doing GCSE’s or A levels That you need a lot of help to strive for an achievement and I think tutoring would solve that problem, so I will hopefully give free tutoring to people who need and a discount to others.


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