Saskia Jade Parkinson

Voting for Change

My name is Saskia Parkinson, I would like to be elected for the Youth Parliament as your member for the West area.

Education Standards
I would like to change the education standards of people leaving high school, because you deserve the skills and support from your government to fulfil your potential.

Work after Education
I would also like to provide access to job opportunities for those leaving education. It is known that the journey from leaving education to finding employment is difficult because there is no support for this process. I believe that by creating a place for employers with jobs, and school-leavers looking for work, to interact – we can tackle this problem head on.

Recreation Facilities
I would like to give our young people somewhere safe to play and congregate. I also believe there are not enough recreation sites for our generation, whether it is a field for football; a local running track; performing arts for the creative or simply a safe place to gather with friends.

I am Saskia Parkinson, and a vote for me is a vote for change.
Vote ‘Saskia’ in your next UKYP election.
Thank you for listening.

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