Simran Jandu

Hello everyone, my name is Simran Jandu and I am the current deputy member of Youth Parliament for Wakefield Central. My manifesto has been thoroughly thought out and I decided to increase positive representation of young people in the media. I feel as if we are portrayed negatively in the press as being ‘thugs’ and ‘vandals’ and this is not right. How am I going to achieve this?

Well firstly I would like to tell you that in my local area for funding from the council and got the money to set up my own Youth Club! I would like to expand on this and keep young people off the streets and therefore a reduction in anti-social behaviour, vandalism etc. A young person from the Czech community actually said to us “if we have nothing to do, we cause trouble”. I think it is quite evident that this is an important issue. By having these Youth Clubs you get a chance to meet other friends, gain vital life skills such as confidence wich can lead to applying for college, uni and jobs, this will also combat youth unemployment.

Secondly I would contact the press such as Wakefield Express to give me my own newspaper column so I could get feedback from you guys on what chages you would want to be made either in your local area, school or college. Being in Youth Parliament for 2 years has given me a lot of experience. I like to beleive that I have a good relationship with local organisations and councillors which has given me the privilege of having good contacts to achieve my manifesto.

All in all I feel I am a well known member of my community and a well recognised face.

Please vote for me as I am the voice of young people today!

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