Youth Council

The Youth Council is for Young People aged 11-18 years who live in the area. Young People are from elected groups eg school council, local YDSS Area forums, Voluntary and Community groups. The project aims to ensure that Young People from across the district will have the opportunity for their views to be represented at the Youth Council. Young People sitting with key decision makers getting things done quickly where possible. They will work with the Adult elected members and other service providers – voluntary and statutory to give young people a voice and act as advocates for their peers. Young People have a clear role in the decision making process for the delivery of services to young people and promoting the provision to young people. Taking forward issues raised by Young People in their local area forums and making a change. Representing views of their peers on other forums.

Youth Council Meeting Dates – 4pm – 5.30pm – CityLimits, Wakefield

Wakefield Council Youth Work Team is a subsidiary of WMDC Children and Young People's Directorate (c) Wakefield Council 2013