Sports and Leisure

Sport balls

Staying fit and well is a moving experience – the more we move the fitter and healthier we will be.

Yet with so many opportunities to sit in front of the television or play computer games, too many of us do not move enough.

Let’s do it together!

Move more every day!

5 – 18 year olds need 1 hours activity every day!

There are lots of sporting activities available across the Wakefield district – for activities specifically for young people run by the Wakefield Youth Work Team and other partners click below:





Wakefield Karate College (Dojos at Castleford, Altofts, Ferrybridge & Pontefract)

Disability Sport & Fitness

Judo Wakefield

Sengoku Martial Arts

Swimming Pools & Fitness Centres

Foot Golf

PMA Sports – Changing Lives Through Sports

Wakefield Junior Chess Club

The Hut Community Centre

Lightwaves Leisure & Community Centre


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