UKYP Meeting 24th May 2016 – EU Referendum

At the UKYP meeting 24/5/16 discussions were as follows:-
• Sughra chased Gavin to give dates for meetings on a Friday with the MP Yvette Cooper re “Don’t Hate Educate” campaign. Awaiting to hear back.
• Tahera to collect everyone’s phone and mobile numbers in case she needs to contact us.
• Everyone to post or hand in Mental Health surveys before the next meeting.
• Consent forms to be returned the 6th of June for any future trips.
• Abigail to attend Northern Powerhouse event on the 9th of July.
• Everyone to go through skill wheels and update.
• Everyone to update and add more detail to the EU referendum PowerPoint that shall be sent to schools.
• Everyone to check the website for photos and videos from the Safeguarding event at the Hepworth.
• Feedback from the Safeguarding event vey positive from all involved. lots of thank you and compliments to the UKYP for their involvement in the event.
One of the main focusses of tonight’s meeting was on the EU referendum PowerPoint.




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