UKYP Meeting Monday 18th April 2016

Post by Abi Tandy UKYP member for Wakefield West.

At tonight’s UKYP meeting we discussed the following:-

• All of our individual manifestos.
• The skill wheel.
• Promotional events to promote youth (e.g. walk around Wakefield)- dates and plans.
• The future creation of a youth parliament newsletter.
• The EU referendum-pros and cons-PowerPoint.
• Who would be taking on the deputy responsibilities in the future.
• The anti-bullying Charter Mark and getting it to schools.
• Sending letters or e-mails to MPs to introduce ourselves, discuss our manifestos and ask them if there are any Mondays that they could attend a meeting with us.
• Creating a Facebook page to promote the ‘don’t hate educate’ campaign.
• Sending letters or e-mails to our Head Teachers to introduce ourselves, go over manifestos and discuss what our schools can do to help us.

UKYP log book Skills Wheel

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