UKYP meeting Monday 25th April 2016

Post by Abi and Daniel
• Looked at the Youth voice Skills wheel. This is a tool to measure young people’s journey (everyone to update weekly and score themselves)
• How to record any progress made with our campaigns and any meetings we attend
• Agreed breaks during meetings and clarified the work split, meeting time is 4pm -7pm
• Forming a joint Power Point to be sent to schools about the EU referendum still needs further work doing on this but excellent progress so far by josh and Daniel in particular
• Excellent work by Abi and Daniel in contacting MP’s re the national campaign Don’t Hate Educate waiting for them to respond know.
• Chase up regarding the dispatch box as members still not getting this• well done to Abi and Daniel in sharing the role of the secretary this to include a post for WFyouth weekly
• Simran Jandu attended and has agreed to be a mentor to the UKYP group everyone welcomed this and appreciates her support in moving the UKYP work further
• Youth Parliament have been asked to open Safe guarding charter launch event on Tuesday 17th May at the Hepworth. Great opportunity for young people to be at the forefront and recognised for their work
• 9th of May- practising for safe guarding charter launch event#
• Forming a Power Point for the safeguarding event to answer the questions:
-Why is safeguarding important for young people?
-What makes young people feel safe?
-What can adults do to make young people feel safe?


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