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National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS is a government funded programme for all year 11’s & 12’s (16 & 17 year olds). Through a variety of physical, personal and creative challenges, young people learn leadership, communication skills and team work. The programme includes two x 5 day residential experiences and culminates in a social action project, designed and delivered by young people in their local community.

The NCS programme on average costs around £1,300 per participant, but young people can access it for just £50. For those young people who cannot raise this amount of money, they can apply for a bursary from NCS. (We can offer support with this).

The specifics of our summer programme have not yet been finalised, however they will be shared as soon as they have been agreed. In the lead up to the summer, young people who express and interest in NCS will be invited to participate in a number of ‘keep warm’ activities where they will be introduced to staff and other young people, and they will be kept informed of programme plans.

If you’re interested, contact us on the contact us page and someone from the Youth Development and Support Services will get back to you!


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