William George Dixon

Hello! My name is William Dixon, and I have put myself forward for election in the Wakefield east area.

My main focuses will be to strengthen the health and wellbeing support for young people in our area. There are times when we all need support, or want to simply get out with friends to access clubs and places to have fun, but getting access to that support or facility can prove difficult for a number of reasons:

That is why in addition to the promotion of health and wellbeing I want to help really improve public transport in our area for us. This for me is important, as it not only links with my health and wellbeing agenda; it helps give us greater independence.

I want to change the system for dealing with and discovering mental health issues. I want people who are feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, etc. to be in position to have a person to talk to, or a place to go: a club with friends perhaps, school drop-in sessions or, just something that they can feel involved in. Instead of pushing it all through our over-stretched NHS.

I want to help give better access to sports facilities in our area. We have many already   established facilities that are currently under-utilised or simply not available to us or we just don’t know about them. Like our cycle paths, swimming baths, and other facilities. I think access can be improved to give us greater opportunity to take part in activities that help promote our health and wellbeing.

To help us get to these places we need a public transport system in our area that is reliable, safe, affordable and supportive of the needs of young people in our area. This important for a number of reasons but in the main it should allow us to gain greater independence to travel in our area and give us better access to some of the facilities already available to us but are tough to reach.

These things are what I feel really passionate about and I want to work hard for you to achieve, and I am really keen to hear from you too.

My campaign is about supporting you for greater independence, more support for health and wellbeing, improved public transport for all of us are the areas I want to promote but I am really keen to hear from you

I will ensure that issues that are important to you are heard and I will work hard to see changes that are sustainable and make a real difference long term.

I will improve what amazing things we already have, and then tailor it for today’s generation.

This vote won’t go to waste – thank you.

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